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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Aug 7, 2017

Everyone’s journey is very different but sometimes listening to someone else’s journey can help us on our own way. This week we talk to Carol, mother to Leo, about her and her family’s journey with him. His leaving home is still a way off for them, but there are many small steps to take along the way with which we can all identify.

Leo has had many challenges in his 10 years, but despite this his determination shines through. Finding the right school has been key to his moving forward and finding his place in the world.

While Leo's parents have started to imagine what his future might hold, they are also enjoying the now where he is a happy boy. One reason for this happiness has been his getting more involved in community based clubs. This is facilitated by a mentor a few years older than him, who helps him navigate not only the activities but also social skills he needs.

Carol also reminds us that sometimes we need to take on the hard stuff and by that she means those family activities that stretch our children with additional needs. By not doing this, not only are our other children missing out but our children with additional needs aren’t being given the opportunity to surprise us.

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