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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Feb 18, 2019

All around us are people working in their local communities to make the lives of young people with additional needs better. This week’s podcast guest Sue Clark is one of these people. Sue talks about her work with Pegasus Playscheme which is located on the south coast of England.

Pegasus Playscheme provides activities for young people with additional needs in the summer over a 3 week period. The purpose of this is to help young people experience independent activities where they make new friends. Pegasus also aims to reduce the isolation that many young people can experience when not at school.

Sue explains not only the history of Pegasus but provides from her own experience practical advice and insights into how to set up a similar scheme, which could provide a social outlet for young people in your own community.

Sue shares her story and also discusses the practicalities of fundraising and the logistics of running a scheme like Pegasus. Sue provides a great example of what can be done by a few people with dogged determination and perseverance. Sue says every town needs a Pegasus but as she is also happy to say she learned while she was doing. Sue reminds us it’s the getting started that is often the most daunting thing, but the rewards are well worth overcoming the fears.

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