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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Jun 26, 2017

Success stories inspire us all. Proof that perseverance pays off is shown by Jacob and Sarah as Sarah explains the second part of Jacob's story: leaving school.  Jacob has ambitions to work in the music industry, and is currently holding down a testing job as a barman to save money towards a year long course at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Sarah briefly recaps where Jacob is at the moment before she explains how successful he has been since leaving school.  Sometimes he deals with difficult customers, in trying situations, and he has learnt strategies to cope with the demands and challenges he now faces.

Towards the end Sarah gives some final thoughts about their journey and a few tips we could all bear in mind, even if we don't have the opportunity  to support in school the way she did.  Sarah is justifiably proud of her son Jacob, and he should be an  inspiration to all of us as to what is possible.

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