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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Feb 19, 2018

Being able to see properly can really transform a child's life according to Antonia Chitty. As a qualified optometrist and author Antonia is passionate about getting all children’s sight checked. She explains that many parents feel daunted at the prospect of taking their child with additional needs for an eye test. However, as she explains children don’t need to be able to read or communicate verbally to have their eyes tested. Antonia also talks about the signs to look out for that indicate eye issues including preferring things to be close up, squinting and headaches. Antonia provides some very practical tips for dealing with eye tests as well and some useful resources to look at.

We also discuss relationships, an area in which Antonia has also written, and the effect having a child with additional needs can have on relationships – in particular, the relationship between the parents. Many parents report that they feel isolated when their child has an additional need. They often feel that they don’t have anyone or anywhere to discuss the pressures put upon their relationship. It can be very dividing. Antonia advises to go and get help, acknowledge that it’s taking its toll, and reminds us there are strategies available to help us.

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