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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

By changing attitudes we change behaviour, and this is something the guests on this week’s episode are part of making happen. Celia and Maya from WAVE talk about the ethos behind WAVE, and how it aims to bring people together, and by doing that helps change the way they think and their attitudes.   

Celia explains why she started the organisation, what kind of support it provides and how it is grown. WAVE stands for Were All Valued Equally, and Celia explains the importance of this as a value and the way that they break down barriers and reduce the fear some people in the wider community have towards people with additional needs. Maya also talks about her own experiences at WAVE and how it has helped her become more confident and made her feel part of something. 

Inclusion is a word used often but not always practiced. WAVE is an example of an organisation practicing inclusion and, by doing this, it really is creating a WAVE for Change.

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