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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

Knowing when to take the stabilisers off, and not just on a bicycle, is key to moving towards achieving any goal. This is the view of Jackie, mother to Joe who has additional needs, including a speech and language disorder. 

Jackie explains what works for Joe is repetition and chunking (breaking tasks into chunks) so that they are never too daunting and that achieving the task is realistic. Of course it is easier if it’s something he likes doing but even if it isn’t Jackie talks about the using rewards and sometimes resorting to negotiation to get things moving.

Providing support for each small step along the way brings small successes. Achieving even a small goal builds Joe's confidence and helps him feel 'grown up' enough to try more things. Jackie recommends this type of approach as well as figuring out the end goal and then working backwards by breaking tasks up into easy to do parts. Then, and this is so important, trust yourself to know when it’s time to take away the stabilisers.

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