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The Expanding Worlds Podcast

Nov 13, 2017

Being a step parent brings with it some unique challenges. In this episode Rob stepdad to two boys, one, Thomas, who has autism and ADHD, talks about his experiences as a stepdad.

The first challenge for many is what to be called. Sometimes Mum or Dad isn’t an option. Rob happened upon a fairly unique solution to this issue and you will hear from him why he is now known by family and friends as “Kiwi”. And it has nothing to do with New Zealand.

Rob shares his thoughts about coming to parenting at a later stage.  He suggests that it is a different experience at least for him.  Rob also discusses sibling relationships and the impact our own family history can have on the way we view sibling rivalry.  He talks about the fact that often when one child has additional needs things what should be seen as normal sibling interaction (arguments) are sometimes mistakenly attributed to additional needs.

Finally, Rob addresses what the future might hold for Thomas and the need to support his stepson's independence while still providing the safety net he might need.

Rob’s experiences are unique but in telling his story he provides give us with a first-hand insight into what it means to be a stepdad.

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